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<<When he lights his street lamp, it is as if he brought one more star to life, or one flower.>>  from The Little Prince (The Lamplighter)

I’m a “Creative Alchemist”, a lamplighter, an intuitive mixed media artist. Wabi Sabi and Hygge atmosphere are where I rejunavate. I’m also raw foodist & minimalist lover.

I’m a woman in transition, exploring, evolving, embracing, rejecting and becoming more of who I am each day.

I spent more than the first half of my life rebelling against “status quo”, resisting the call of the “norm”.

Now in my 40’s, I can see that I dedicated the last decade to find peace in my rebellion act, creating art as a healing and spiritual tool. I now understand that the very act of pure expression does change the your world by honoring intuition and celebrating the moment.

I help women reclaiming the space they need to grow and access their own creative wisdom so they can be fully expressed in every areas of their lives.

I handcraft my digital courses and my live workshops for women who are standing at a crossroad in their life just like I’ve been many times.

“My greatest talent is to empower women like YOU, to awaken your inner muse, nourish your inner spark and trust the process to create a life you can finally color without following those silly lines.”


  • “Not All Who Wander Are Lost (J.R.R. Tolkien) … BECAUSE WOMEN ASK FOR DIRECTIONS.”
  • I believe in the healing powers of the creativity and organic raw cocoa to heal life’s wounds.
  • I believe in women circle where we truly share our story not for our sympathy, but for our unity
  • I believe that “I don’t know” is a brave declaration.
  • We are shaping the path as we go. What I know for sure is that it needs to include fierce prioritizing, gentle compassion and zero bullshit that we borrow from our past. It will include failure and wrong turns, as well as epic breakthroughs..
  • I believe that we live in seasons. Transitions are rite of passages that simultaneously give birth to something by letting go what’s no longer is.
  • I believe is creating Landscape of Intentions with paint, found objects, tears and heartbeats
  • I believe in leaving a trace and marking moments that matter.

I am no longer interested in becoming unbreakableI am interested in shattering with grace and courage and making art of all the broken pieces“.



I aspire to inspire every woman right now standing at a crossroads to nurture themselves and rekindle their inner wisdom by simply creating powerful “HeARTwork”.

It’s all about exploring : your creativity, the creative process itself, your depth, your beliefs, your desires.

My desire is to build a virtual and on site “temple” for women to “process”, just like we do in the artistic movement called “Process Art”: by gathering, sorting, collating, associating, patterning. In “Process Art”,  art is viewed as a creative journey or process, rather than as a deliverable or end product.

As always, it’s about the journey, not the destination.

Resiliency by definition is something along the lines of when you’re bent or broken out of shape to know how to step back into your wholeness without acting eradicate or disruptive.

Leah from Rising Appalachia



  • Rites of passage do take time. It’s not an OVERNIGHT transformation..
  • It’s all about paying attention. Noticing. Doing our best to be in the moment, be it simply for few minutes a day.
  • If stillness is the gate to listening to our guidance and compass, meditation is the magic key to unlock that gate.
  • We are someone else’s “medicine”. Showing up and really listening can alter the course of someone’s day. Or life.
  • It’s worth holding on to whatever keep you warm inside.
  • We need to have deep conversation with our own dang self. Even if you happen to drop a life-changing truth bomb on yourself.
  • We need to protect our energy.
  • We are responsible for the energy we bring into a space.
  • There is no perfect conditions or timing for listening to your inner voice. So what are we waiting for?.
  • Repeat after me “I didn’t come this far to come only this far” (Tom Brady). Baby step. You can do this.

Self care is not selfish.

You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”

Eleanor Brownn.


I kept listening to my inner voice well after I went to University following a path that I knew was not really what I wanted. I was trying to be what my parents thought would be good for me. Only that I was not fully listening to my creative calling. Whenever, in my life  things were looking like they were falling apart, art and creativity were always coming to my rescue.

I am grateful that I meet people along my path who trust me and allow me to pursue and nurture my wild side.

In gratitude,

Celyn Lila (Shenoa)





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