How to create your own spiritual vignette


Our daughters went through Waldorf schools during their Kindergarten years and I was fascinated by what they called “The Nature Table ” or “The nature corner”.  Those little vignettes are a very artful way of arranging a seasonal tableau with bits of Nature and handmade dolls made with cotton, felted wool and wood. They celebrate the spirit of the season. It’s the place in your home or classroom where you can follow the natural cycle of the year. It’s also a powerful way to connect with your inner world and “meditate” through peaceful vibes and connect with your higher self.

When our girls where little we had our nature table on a low up-cycled coffee table. Then, it gravitated on some shelves with some gnomes and fairies in the mix among rocks and driftwoods from our beach walks in California, gemstones from my mom, a big crystal rock my husband collected on a hike when he was 8 years old.

To be honest when we moved to Switzerland, we have not be as “committed” to our nature corner as we did in the past. But now at age 10 and almost 14, the girls are old enough to have their own little altars in their room to meditate, pray, think, be inspired, re-connect.

So our Nature corner  is becoming a spiritual corner. What I enjoy the most is the symbolism involved in the ritual. Their own altar is a canvas for their soul to expand and let their light shine to help them write their future.

It’s very easy to do. No perfection need. Just bring your imagination to the table. Literally.

  • Gather meaningful  (with positive stories infused) rocks, pine cones, fallen leaves, feathers, stones, crystals, images of loved ones or the divinity or god you worship trinkets that are meaningful for you, a vase for some fresh flowers or a purifying air plant, real or fake candles (no need to burn the house down if this is not safe enough where you have your altar…)



  • Find your sacred corner : it could be as big and decadent as a whole room if you fancy or as small and minimalist, possibly “Wabi Sabi”  as a cubby hole, a mini shelf, a little wooden box 
  • Schedule time for you. Just for you. Sage your sacred space. Be clear on a simple intention (having a joyful day / meeting the right person / not being stress during your job interview, etc.) Light a candle and some of your favorite incenses (be mindful of their components as some are made with toxic ingredients and create toxic fumes. / Repeat your Core Desired Feelings if you know them. Or repeat the sacred Mantra SA TA NA MA which is the foundational Kundalini chant. It’s Sanskrit for birth, life, death, rebirth.  And you end it with <<May the long time sun shine upon you // All love surround you // And the pure light within you // Guide your way home>>. I love using the Headspace app on my phone because it’s easy, very simple, in plain langage. Now if you like angelic music in the background and ethereal voice effect, this may not what you are looking for. It’s a kind and calm male voice. No music. No woo woo fluffy imaginary. There’s a free trial to see if you like it anyway ! 🙂 And I don’t make any money on this !  

These days…

We have been busy around here ! With help of a dear friend we are slowly – but surely- transforming  a former “cave” (French word for storing area and wine cellar)  into a guest quarter and a formal shed into a painting studio. All the pieces of wood that have been removed,  are recycled for making a tree house for the girls (Peter’s summer project!).

The girls are thrilled with their new “activities” (chicken tending, horse back riding, swimming, dancing).

I can’t wait to finish organizing the painting studio and the big upper studio ( yes :: two creative spaces… better get busy “making” things soon !).

We are waiting to have nice and warmer weather to start our first attempt at Permaculture veggie garden. So far we have simply outline the space where it will be and read many books and watch a bunch of video on Youtube especially this one !

If you have experience and piece of advice please email me directly !

bringing in light and a window…


interesting exhibit at the Alimentarium Museum in Vevey


Happy Chicken 


coming together :: the painting studio &  greenhouse aka “The shed”




A new place to call HOME.

Since last summer we embarked on a new journey :: finding a new home.

We knew where we were moving to (well, at lead the area!)

We knew the reasons why (work related). But we needed to find a new house to call home.

We visited many, many houses. Some were not a good fit at all (oh the storied I have on some of them !). Some were possibly okay but with some serious elbow grease works. Some were far too remoted (with Peter traveling quite often, not a good idea…).

We found a wonderful on one of the French borders. Gorgeous. Sold within 2 days… Yep, the housing market here in Switzerland is a bit crazy !

Then we found another one, with an amazing view, very contemporary wooden house. Tons of light. The yard was quite small and needed some clever terracing to make it somewhat usable We loved it and made an offer. But things are not meant to be, they just are. Nothing worked as expected. Everything was complicated and delayed. So many highs and lows. Until…

I decided to keep looking (if you know me it is VERY unlike me : I am stubborn french girl..).

To make a long story short : I found what looks like to be a “jewel” online and called the real estate agency right away. House was not quite yet ready to be on the market but I managed to get the first appointment. Love at first sight for this centennial house with a big yard, two spaces for my studios, more storages and what a view!  We met with this lovely family who have been very carefully and lovingly restauring this “chalet” with craftsmanship . Like us they were bicultural. Perfect match.

When things are meant to be… they simply are.

Fast forward many months later with all the paper works required for every possible things (the B permit is a  big thing before being able to get something done) we just moved few days ago as I am typing this.

I don’t have many pictures (yet) to show but it will come ! I can simply tell you that the banner is made from one of the old blue print gently given by the previous homeowner.

I thought that my brand name UN LIEU SUR TERRE will be a great match with this picture.

A place on earth, indeed.

Our new place on earth finally called “HOME”.

221, Mount Olimpus, Rheasilvia, Mars,
Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy
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