Eleven years from now I was giving birth to our very first sweet baby girl.

With her beautiful chubby cute face and dimpled bottom, a lack of knowledge and a no longer living mum to ask what to do -, came a wild series of questions and way too many baby equipment. As for cloth diapering : the idea was raised but we never followed suit. So we did our fair share of adding more diapers to the land fields …

Luckily my Californian life period of time allowed me came across Laura Sobell and her fantastic puzzling titled book “Save your Baby: throw away your equipment”.

I did not throw it away. We gave it away. And we entered into the world of learning how to soothe my poor colicky baby. I learned the art of Swaddling / the art of making our own baby hammock / the art of ‘wearing my baby”/

Eight years ago was for our second child. We were a little more experienced parents and we knew better than being every new things form the store. We were happily repurposing the clothes form the big sister and knew more what we liked and disliked. In for the Waldorf philosophy and the unfinished natural materials toys, out for the noisy and flashy plastic toys, for instance. I was getting ready to cloth diapering (especially since a local company decided to make things easier for all mamas with a cloth diapering laundry pick up and drop off service! How cool was that!!)

Few months ago we welcome our third baby. A boy. This time I knew that I was going to go with mostly hand me downs, second hands and organics, fair trade minimalist equipment. And this time we will be cloth diapering will be in our future!

Our daily life for baby boy is fairly simple but yet demanding 🙂

Nursing / babywaering / sleeping (a little) / nursing / bathing / cloth diapering /

PicMonkey Collage Kai essentials

(this cute baby is not ours…He came with the commercial picture 😉 )

My bare essentials for 0 to 3 months old:

  • Nature Sway baby hammock (bought it new for security reason)
  • ByKay baby carrier  (or similar = hand me down)
  • Cloth diapers (all bought second hand locally or on French and Swiss equivalent to Craiglist)
  • Baby clothes are all hand me down / Birth gifts / hand made.
  • Stokke stroller (second hand bought 65% off the regular price on swiss version of Craiglist !)
  • Car seat (bought new for security reasons)
  • Lots of liquid (fennel tea, yummy!), plain old water and green juices for the nursing mum!


Now, you can also make your own baby carriers. There are many tutorials on Youtube and such. You can also find your favorite handmade one on Etsy. The same can apply to cloth diapering and baby clothes.

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